The sewage tank is not alerting when it's full. What should I do? >

A: Please check if the electrodes of the sewage tank are rusted. If so, we recommend repairing them locally at our expense.

Q: Can I request a replacement sewage tank lid?

A: Yes, we can send a replacement sewage tank lid upon request, please contact our customer support team: service@redroadglobal for further assistance

If the roller brush of W13 could not work/rotate >

1.Power Issue:

Possible Cause: Ensure that the floor scrubber is properly connected to power and that the power source is functional. Sometimes, the power plug may not be inserted correctly or the power switch may not be turned on.

Solution: Check the power connection, ensure the plug is properly inserted, and verify the power switch is in the ON position.

2. Brush Blockage:

Possible Cause: The brush roller may be obstructed by tangled hair, threads, or other debris, preventing it from rotating freely.

Solution: Inspect the brush area for any tangled materials or foreign objects. Clear the area around the brush roller and ensure it can rotate freely.

3. Drive System Issue:

Possible Cause: The brush roller may be driven by an electric motor or a belt drive system. Check if the motor is functioning correctly and if the drive belt is intact.

Solution: Examine the motor to ensure it operates properly. Inspect the drive belt for any signs of looseness or wear. Replace the belt if it is loose or worn out.

4. Mechanical Component Failure:

Possible Cause: Mechanical components of the brush roller drive system, such as bearings or gears, may be damaged or require lubrication.

Solution: Check the mechanical components of the brush roller drive system for damage or signs of wear. Lubricate as necessary or replace damaged components.

If the issue persists after performing these steps, please contact our customer support team: service@redroadglobal for further assistance. Provide them with details about the error message and any troubleshooting steps you've already taken.

Q: Will powering off and on affect the robot's functionality? >

A: Powering off and on the robot will not affect its functionality negatively. In fact, it is a recommended troubleshooting step to resolve minor operational issues. Simply press the power button to turn the robot back on after powering it off, and it should resume normal operatio

My W13 occasionally stops and shows an error message (returns to base, triggers self-cleaning mode, but doesn't start). What should I do? >

If your floor cleaning robot returns to its base, triggers the self-cleaning mode, but does not start cleaning, you can follow these steps:

Power Cycle the Robot:

Press and hold the power button on the robot until it turns off completely. Wait for a few seconds, then press the power button again to restart the robot.

Check the Cleaning Area:

Ensure that the area where the robot operates is free of obstacles and hazards that might interfere with its operation.

Inspect the Base Station:

Make sure the base station is placed in a clear, open area with sufficient space for the robot to dock properly.

Reset the Robot:

Sometimes resetting the robot to its factory settings can resolve operational issues. Refer to the user manual for instructions on how to reset your specific model. Contact Customer Support:

If the issue persists after performing these steps, please contact our customer support team: service@redroadglobal for further assistance. Provide them with details about the error message and any troubleshooting steps you've already taken.

Why does my W13 consume power when not in use? >

The power consumption you're experiencing is due to the standby mode of your floor cleaning machine. While in standby mode, the device remains ready for immediate use, which results in a minimal amount of power usage by its standby power device. This standby mode ensures that the machine is quickly accessible whenever you need to use it.

2. Does this power consumption affect the device's performance or longevity?

No, the small amount of power consumed in standby mode does not impact the functionality or lifespan of your floor cleaning machine. The device is designed to efficiently manage power consumption while maintaining operational readiness.

3. How can I minimize standby power consumption?

To reduce standby power consumption, we recommend simply picking up the device for immediate use when needed. This action will deactivate the standby mode and minimize any power usage associated with it.

4. What should I do if I have further questions or need assistance?

If you have any additional questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team:service@redroadglobal. We are here to help and ensure your satisfaction with our products

Battery Indicator issue on your W13 >

The battery indicator on your floor scrubber changes color to reflect the current state of charge. However, the most accurate measure of battery charge is the numerical percentage displayed.

Q: What does each color on the battery indicator mean?

Green:Batter power is higher than 95%

Red: Battery is low than 95% (or battery has no power)

Q: How long does it take to fully charge the battery?

A: Typically, it takes approximately 6 hours to fully charge the battery of your floor scrubber, reaching 100% capacity.

Q: Should I rely on the color of the indicator to determine the battery charge?

A: While the color of the indicator provides a general indication, for the most accurate reading of the battery charge level, we recommend referring to the numerical percentage displayed.

If you have any additional questions or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team:service@redroadglobal We are here to help and ensure your satisfaction with our product

1.If your W13 shows issues such as insufficient charging on initial use, or jumps from 40% directly to 100% during charging, and then displays 40% after turning on, what should you do? >

This issue typically arises due to the circuit calibration process of the robot vacuum's battery system. Please follow these steps to resolve the issue:

Initial Charging and Calibration:

Upon receiving the machine, it is essential to charge it for a minimum of 6 hours. This initial calibration process ensures accurate battery level reporting and optimal performance.

Handling Charging Anomalies:

If the battery level jumps from 40% to 100% and then returns to 40% after charging, it indicates the circuit is recalibrating the battery level. This recalibration occurs each time the battery is plugged and unplugged.

Due to the circuit recalibrating the battery levels. This recalibration occurs each time the battery is

disconnected and reconnected. Simply allowing the machine to charge uninterrupted for 6 hours or more will resolve this issue.

Due to this situation, we suggest you do not move the battery.

1.The charger is securely connected to both the robot and the power source without any loose connections or poor contacts.

2.The charger itself is functioning correctly. Consider trying a different reliable power socket to rule out socket issues.

3.The charging environment is suitable with moderate temperatures to avoid overheating or extreme cold, which can affect charging efficiency.

By following these steps, you can effectively address initial charging issues and ensure the proper calibration and performance of your robot vacuum. If the problem persists despite these steps, please contact our customer support:service@redroadglobal for further assistance.

Redroad V17 Double-roll electric floor brush: all-purpose for floor tiles, floors, and carpets, no need to replace the brush head frequently >

Currently on the market, there are some high-end handheld cordless vacuum cleaner models have begun to be equipped with "double-roll electric floor brush". The brush head of Redroad V17 handheld cordless vacuum cleaner is equipped with a high-density soft velvet brush and a carbon fiber top brush. Redroad V17 is suitable for cleaning smooth surface tiles or floors. Redroad V17 also absorbs fine dust, has a good deep cleaning effect on carpets and can deeply grasp stubborn particles.

Advantages of Redroad V17 double roller electric floor brush:

1. Omnipotent rolling brush, double-rolling electric floor brush is a universal brush, Redroad V17 could solve the pain points of updating the rolling brush back and forth with different floor materials.

2. In-depth cleaning, Redroad V17 two roller brushes realize bidirectional convection work, enhance the vacuum centrifugal force, reduce omissions, and have a better effect on stains.

3. Flexible customization, according to users’ needs, Redroad V17 users could customize the roller brush that suits their needs. Redroad V17 can be the front fluff roller and the top roller, or vice versa. Redroad V17 can also be equipped with "soft fluff rollers" front and back to strongly clean the floor, floor tiles, and other ground.

4.At the same time, the brush head of Redroad V17 adopts Power-Fin bee-wing soft rubber strip, which gathers the hair to the center through the rubber strip spiral guide, cooperates with the tooth comb to realize the self-cleaning function and avoid the problem of hair entanglement. No matter a corner gap or the floor or carpet, Redroad V17 could bring unexpected cleaning effect.

Redroad V17 Double HEPA filter: deep filter dust, reject secondary pollution >

Generally, vacuum cleaners have only one HEPA filter element, even high-end brands have only one HEPA filter element and one flannel filter element. The airflow method of Redroad V17 followed is to inhale garbage, and after separating and filtering the bulky garbage and particulate matter, Redroad V17 is directly discharged out of the main body of the vacuum cleaner. The single HEPA filter design no longer blocks the emission of odors and very fine particles, so there is secondary pollution of Redroad V17 to the indoor air, which will affect the respiratory health of the user and the surrounding family members.

At present, some high-end handheld cordless vacuum cleaner models are equipped with dual HEPA filter elements. Take Redroad V17 as an example, the design of dual HEPA filter elements is adopted. The designer changes the direction of the Redroad V17’s suction airflow through the internal structure. After the second level of HEPA filtration, Redroad V17 is discharged from the main body of the vacuum cleaner. After the double HEPA filter, the odor and extremely fine dust of Redroad V17 are firmly locked in the filter element, and Redroad V17 is no longer good to pollute the indoor air.

It is worth mentioning that RedRoad V17 has also modified the existing 12-cone cyclone dust separation system to guide the air flow and add multi-stage filter elements to achieve an ultra-high gas and dust separation efficiency of up to 99.97%, with particles as small as 0.1 microns. Similar technologies of  Redroad V17 only reach the 0.3 micron standard. Redroad V17 technology reduces the load of the HEPA filter element, increases the service life, and more importantly solves the problem of secondary pollution of the vacuum cleaner.

RedRoad V17 uses H13 grade activated carbon Hypa filter, and the exhaust from the Redroad V17 vacuum cleaner meets the medical grade air standard. Redroad V17 protects the health of users with rhinitis, asthma and chronic respiratory diseases, and is especially suitable for families with children.

The vacuum cleaner has a peculiar smell: how did it make it? What's the harm? How to solve? >

There are many reasons for the odor of the Redroad V17 vacuum cleaner as follows:

1. For the reason that the garbage itself has its own peculiar smell, Redroad V17 is discharged by the airflow along the air duct during the vacuuming process;

2. The garbage of is not cleared in time after being sucked into the dust bucket, and it is caused by the proliferation of bacteria;

3. After long-term use of ordinary filter elements, consumers do not replace them in time, or handled them improperly (mildew after washing), resulting in foul odor;

4. The vacuum cleaner has been used for many years, and a large amount of fine ash accumulates inside the host to produce bacterial reproduction.

Hazard: Harmful bacteria and molds are sprayed through the air outlet of the vacuum cleaner, and a large amount of suspended air fills the entire room, causing danger to people and large amounts of inhalation. Patients with rhinitis will be more harmed.


1.Choose a high-quality HEPA filter element containing activated carbon powder, Redroad V17 can filter out the smell of garbage and the smell of bacteria breeding in the main body of the vacuum cleaner;

2. Redroad V17 could increase the amount of HEPA

3. Redroad V17 could strengthen the tightness of the product

4. Redroad V17 could induce consumers to clean up in time through appearance design.

The Redroad V17 battery is detachable, meaning for the use of hand-held vacuum cleaners >

The battery pack of the traditional handheld cordless vacuum cleaner is fixed on the main unit. Because the lithium battery has a lifespan of 500 charge and discharge cycles, and the normal use time for natural attenuation is about 3 years. Even if it can be used for more than 3 years, the single standby time will be very short, unable to clean the environment in a large area and meticulous.

The lifespan of the Redroad V17 handheld cordless vacuum cleaner is generally more than 10 years. If it is eliminated in 3 years, it will be very wasteful. It is difficult and dangerous for individuals to replace the battery. There is also a risk of battery explosion when using a small brand substitute battery.

So now some high-end handheld vacuum cleaners use removable battery design. Redroad V17 has many advantages:

1. Redroad V17 could save investment, if the battery life is expired, you can buy a new battery to replace it to extend the life of the vacuum cleaner;

2. Use 2 or more batteries at the same time, Redroad V17 can be used for cleaning a large area. After the standby time of one battery pack is exhausted, another battery pack can be replaced.